Hi, I’m Corine, the founder of Stolen Gem!

In March 2020 I decided to bring into the world, Stolen Gem, an online only jewellery retailer. Our jewellery is sourced from around the world and some we design and make right here in Melbourne, Australia and ship all across the world.

As a buyer of International and local contemporary fashion brands for a popular Melbourne boutique I had a strong interest in jewels. I love spending hours sourcing, researching and just looking at new and antique jewels in my spare time and when I view jewellery, I see legacy and a true expression of strong and creative women and men!

Jewellery can be the final step in dressing but it’s often the everyday pieces we wear that become part of who we are. 

The name Stolen Gem, came from a fascinating story about an American jewel thief Doris Payne and a forever obsession with the story of the Pink Panther! It’s an ode to how precious and coveted jewels can be! 

I love jewellery for it’s sustainability. As a mostly metal based product that is melted down and recycled again and again, it’s an environmentally friendly fashion accessory and our goal at Stolen Gem is to become 100% carbon neutral by the start of 2022. 

Thanks so much for stopping by and please hit the chat button to ask us anything at all or send us an email at mailbox@stolengem.com or you can DM us on Instagram or Facebook! Don't forget to follow us!

Corine (Coco) x


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